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T. Dallas Smith Receives the AABN Living Trailblazers Award

By March 22, 2017February 23rd, 2021No Comments

Below is a letter addressed to T. Dallas Smith from the Brokerage Coordinator at JLL…

Good evening Dallas,

I wanted share with you the video of the event and to thank you again for sharing your story. The event was a success and still today, people are talking about it. I’d like to share with you some responses to one of our survey questions. See the responses below:

What was the most important message that you took away from this session/event?

  • “As a white American, it reminded me what African Americans sadly must still often go through and that there are small things I can do to work to prevent it.”
  • “Use challenging times as a means to open dialogue on topics that cause potential misunderstanding or conflict. Be open to listening to the other side and work to understand their point of view. Keep communicating. “
  • “What an awesome event!! Dallas was so dynamic, and I loved hearing his story about how he’s risen to where he is today. He really drives home the importance of networking and relationship building, as well as staying true to yourself and finding your own niche for success.”

What is the one thing you would change about this session/event?

  • “Could have made that one longer and broken into small groups. Dallas is a “connector” and truly understands how to look for solutions to problems or issues and not complain about them. He is very forward looking, which is keep to progress.”
  • “I would have given Dallas more time to speak. He did such a phenomenal job! He said things that needed to be heard.”

You were a hit and I’ve already spoken to our National AABN to invite you to speak at events in other cities. Stay tuned. We hope to have you in our other markets…